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/RESPAWN IN THE CULTURAL QUARTER A term coined by id Software within the context of its 1993 science fiction horror-themed, first person shooter game Doom, spawning is the live creation of a character or item. Respawning is the recreation of an entity after its death or destruction.

The latest project by resident art collective Vanilla Galleries meditates on the ideas of cultural re-generation, death and re-birth through the medium of an FPS (first person shooter) LAN party.

A specially designed custom map has been created by the collective as a place for them to exist and work over a period of time. Closely resembling Two Queens and the surrounding cultural venues LCB Depot, CURVE and PHOENIX, the area mapped out occupies the geographical site designated for cultural activity in the city of Leicester. An area of forced activity rather than one which has grown organically, Vanilla Galleries try to carve out ways of working under such a banner. Following the BETA event Vanilla Galleries will continue to develop the map, trying to more closely match reality as well as installing virtual exhibitions and new narratives.

The installation comprises of a number of computers inhabiting the main gallery space at Two Queens and visitors are invited to participate in the contest of the Cultural Deathmatch in order to perpetuate the ongoing cycle of life and death within the setting of the local area network. (text by Gino Attwood)


Dungeon Mountain