mateus domingos

Facsimile #plate #picasso #ceramics

Facsimile (after Picasso)

This work is an imitation of Face (1959) which is a plate made by Pablo Picasso. It is held in Leicester’s New Walk Museum’s Picasso: The Attenborough collection, entrusted to the museum in 2007 by Lord and Lady Attenborough. I am interested in the relationship between Leicester’s New Walk Museum and the place of contemporary critical art practice within a museum/historical context, as well as the relationship these institutions have with the artist communities they support.

Face was created from a mould in a ceramics factory, which was part of Picasso’s exploration of creating inexpensive, reproducible objects. Facsimile is an inversion of this process with the details applied as extrusions. It is informed by a post-internet understanding of the copy; it’s creation, transmission and reading. It is like a performance of the internet through physical objects.